About IBS

Creators of the Elmo Anywhere autoglass software package.

Our History

IBS Software was founded in 1992 and is located in beautiful downtown Kansas City, Missouri. IBS was originally started as a billing service. After partnering with PPG Industries to form Lynx Services, LLC, IBS migrated into a software company providing complete business solution for auto glass repair and replacement shops.

The flagship product of IBS Software, Elmo, is a revolutionary, easy to use, Point-of-Sale software program for windshield repair and replacement professionals. IBS Software also provides computer leasing options and CD duplication.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of IBS to profitably apply innovative software solutions to glass businesses. Our goal is to capture market share through superior products and unparalleled service.

Marketing Position

Our products are designed to surpass the capabilities and functionality of other products available to our customers. These designs are fostered by the application of experience gained in the glass industry by the on going distribution and retail operations of Kryger Glass. We communicate the advantages of this design by stressing ease of use, unlimited scalability, intuitive management reporting, constant technological advancement, and above all unmatched service.


Elmo, our flagship product, is designed and continually updated to gather the information necessary for accurate quoting, billing, and management reporting in a manner intrinsic to the way that information is provided at point of sale. This dramatically cuts the learning curve for new customer service staff, and significantly improves the quality of information delivered for billing and information analysis.

The logic and natural flow of the quote and invoice screens significantly reduces the time necessary to capture data. This gives the CSR/Manager more time to focus on closing the sale. Document retrieval time is virtually eliminated due to concise search functionality and data access speed.


Exceptional service is the cornerstone of IBS Software's operating philosophy. It is also the foundation upon which our past and future success is built. Our definition of service is not based upon the same criteria that a software provider deems acceptable. To IBS, service excellence is defined by the customer care necessary to build a one location family owned and operated glass business, into an enterprise that has grown and prospered since 1947.

Our customers are our partners. If our customer works Saturday, so do we. If our customer works at 3:00am, so do we. Our open sign is lit 24 hours, 7 days a week, toll free. Software is a tool, and like any good tool, it must be dependable. Not only do our customers have our word that we will support our product on their terms, they have the commitment of Kryger Glass as well. These are the principles that define us.

Unless you succeed, we fail!

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